NORDICPEDMED Investigators are members of the national networks

The membership is based on the voluntary registration into the joint Nordic Investigators Registry. New investigators from all Nordic countries are entitled to Sign In. After Signing In the members receive a personal username and password to Log into the Extranet pages and to the Investigators Registry.

From this registry, NORDICPEDMED is able to look for experts for incoming Service Requests from Sponsors, organizations and research groups. The joint Investigators Registry is closed, and no information about it is disclosed to external parties. The official registrar is FINPEDMED / Helsinki University Hospital, Department of Children and Adolescents.

The NORDICPEDMED members are committed to work in accordance with the NORDICPEDMED operational principles and to quickly respond to Service Requests received through the national networks.

All NORDICPEDMED members are obliged to comply with confidentiality and data protection requirements pursuant to national and European laws and regulations, and as mandated by the investigators’ primary work organizations (Hospitals and/or Universities).

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