5th Nordic Conference on Pediatric Medicines 2024

– Towards the future of Pediatric and Orphan clinical trials

EU Paediatric Regulation (EC 1901/2006) came into force in 2007 with the aim to improve the health of the children in Europe by increasing the research and authorization of medicines for children. Since 2013, Finnish Investigators Network for Pediatric Medicines – FINPEDMED – has been facilitating Pharma-, Biotech-, and Medical Device Industry collaboration together with Icelandic, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish academic pediatric research networks to support medicine development and clinical trials in the region of Scandinavia – the northern Europe.

This collaborative conference is fifth in order following the 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2022 events, and it is organized in collaboration with HUS New Children´s Hospital, FINPEDMED, University of Helsinki, the City of Helsinki and Åbo Akademi University. In this event, we will discuss the future landscape of paediatric and orphan clinical trials while waiting for the upcoming legal reform of the EU Pharmaceutical Strategy, including EU Paediatric Regulation and Orphan Regulation. The reform will benefit paediatric clinical trial processes in Europe.

In this year´s congress, we will hear how various new technological innovations, such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Real World Data can be used to support clinical trial practices and shaping future prospectives for pediatric clinical trials. Large collaborative research infrastructures´role by providing new operational processes with unique services will be introduced, together with innovative new vaccines and drugs designed by using CRISPR technology and Advanced Therapeutic Medicinal Products, which are all already available also for pediatric patients.

The congress includes also highlights of the new initiatives leading to the better use of patient data, combining medical devices and medicinal products, and enhancing orphan medicine research. In addition, new risk assessment tools as well as valuable practical knowledge about the cross-border access to pediatric clinical trials will guide for better and safer trial design, increasing the possibilities of children with rare conditions to participate in clinical trials abroad.

Organizers - contact details:

Pirkko Lepola,pirkko.lepola@hus.fi, +358-50-5142646

Mia Bengtström, mia.bengtstrom@outlook.com, +358-40-5445858