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The Nordic countries are famous for good clinical research, high clinical expertise, advanced research infrastructures, and for well-organized health care systems that encompass entire populations. The Nordic countries are in the forefront in developing and implementing strategies and specific projects that improve the competitiveness of European clinical research.

The Nordic region constitutes a population of approximately 25 million people, in five countries with similar legal and healthcare systems. The region holds great potential for clinical research, both from an academic and an industry perspective.

However, from the pharmaceutical industry┬┤s point of view, the paediatric population of individual Nordic countries may be too small for Paediatric CT`s. The network collaboration of the Nordic countries can substantially increase the recruitment potential and make the larger child population size (approx. 5,2 million children between 0 and 18 years of age) comparable to that available to Networks of large European countries.

NordicPedMed aims to develop new innovative approaches built on the strengths of our somewhat similar health care, standards and experience of paediatric clinical research. The core function is based on study coordination avoiding unnecessary trials in children, and build up scientific and administrative competence at a Nordic level, helping the recruitment of patients for clinical trials.


The operational model of the NORDICPEDMED network is based on the network’s own Investigators Registry that helps to quickly identify and offer experts for requested services.

  • Feasibilities
  • Conduct of pediatric clinical trials
  • Co-operation and research projects (investigators and research groups)
  • Early phase drug development; consultation (PIPs)
  • Protocol design and improvement
  • Consultations on written protocols
  • Consultations and statements by clinical experts (Expert Boards in Finland)
  • Consultations by experts in pediatric clinical pharmacology and drug formulation
  • Consultations related to development, research and registration of pediatric medicines